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Farook International Stationery's Participation in Paperworld Middle East

Farook International Stationery's Participation in Paperworld Middle East

FIS was one of the first to support the idea of Paperworld Middle East here in Dubai.  We understood from day one that through exhibiting here, we’re not just targeting the UAE market; we’re also targeting the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the CIS.

Our journey together began at Paperworld in Frankfurt, before the first edition of Paperworld Middle East in 2011. A team from the organisers came to me and asked if the Paperworld brand would succeed if they organised a fair in Dubai.  Of course I said yes. Dubai is in the middle between Asia, Africa, and Europe, where everyone can go.  

They then asked if I would you participate as a Launch Partner? Again I said yes.  Now if you look at the show, eight years later, we’re still here, with a major presence, and will continue to support it. 

We’re one of the pioneers, and we have to be present as a leader in this exhibition – as a manufacturer, not as an agent or outside company. We want to represent the UAE, and this is the only place where we can show the world that the UAE also is home to local manufacturers that are leaders in the globe today.  

Participating at the show also increases our sales, and people get to know our brand more and that we’re strong in the market. We have a lot of companies that come here, foreign and local companies, and we try to improve every year by becoming more innovative.