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Delivery of the Very First Speedmaster Sx 52-4 With High-pile Delivery in the Region

Delivery of the Very First Speedmaster Sx 52-4 With High-pile Delivery in the Region

The new investment is part of the company's aggressive plan to increase its product portfolio, enhance the quality of production as well as meet the growing demand for stationary products in the country and beyond.

Commenting on the new investment, Farook A. Rahimtulla, chairman and the founder of the company said:"We always opt for state-of-the-art printing technology to increase our production capacity while maintaining our high quality. The new Speedmaster SX 52 supports a wide range of applications. The press is very versatile and offers us a good platform for profitable production." Farook continues, "We are basically a Heidelberg house because their equipment along with outstanding service and ongoing technical support help us achieve the quality and the level of commitment that we strive to offer to our customers."

Farook also believes the timing of the new investment could not be any better. He says there is a growth in demand specially from Africa and Eastern Europe for stationary products. In the current tough business environment Farook not only was able to survive but thrive as well. "For us, we take our business very seriously and offer high quality products with reasonable price. We proved that UAE products can compete at international level.

Farook is optimistic about the future and expects 7 to 10% growth for this year only. The strategic location of UAE and growing African and East European markets are major driving forces for company's future success.